Chemical and Process Vessels

Prentex is happy to offer its customers a wide selection of chemical and process vessels.   These high pressure vessels are designed to meet the needs of every industry, and can be purchased prefabricated or custom designed for any job.   Made out of only the highest quality products, Prentex chemical and pressure vessels are built to last, and can be easily maintained.   Additionally, safety is never a concern with a Prentex chemical or pressure vessel: all our vessels are built to stringent ASME standards.


Chemical and process vessels are designed to store and manipulate chemicals for specific uses.   Prentex chemical and process vessels are available in a variety of sizes, ranging from 30 liters to 300,000 liters.  This means you can get any job done, however big or small, with a Prentex vessel.  Available in stainless steel, carbon steel, nickel and copper alloys, Prentex chemical and process vessels are manufactured to stand the test of time.  Corrosion resistant and highly durable, our chemical and process vessels are designed to fit your complex needs.


Prentex is proud to offer custom solutions to any problem.  Our chemical and process vessels can incorporate any feature, fitting even the most challenging of specifications.   Prentex chemical and process vessels are available in solid or clad forms, and can be made with jackets for heating and cooling.