Clad Vessels

Prentex offers a wide range of clad pressure vessels to help your organization meet all job-related needs.  Our clad pressure vessels have a strength and durability that will ensure long-term usability at an affordable cost.  Made to your design specifications, Prentex can promise you a clad pressure vessel that will be efficient, tough, and safe to use in all environmental conditions.  And all of Prentexç—´ clad pressure vessels meet the rigorous demands and standards set by the ASME.


All Prentex clad pressure vessels will provide you with long-lasting strength and resilience.  This is because our clad pressure vessels are lined with metal alloys to provide extra durability and efficiency.  Metal alloys, including nickel alloy, copper alloy, and aluminum alloy, are welded to the inside and outside of pressure vessels.  This provides the clad pressure vessels with a corrosion resistant surface, improving the lifespan and efficiency of the vessel.  Clad pressure vessels are also cost-efficient, saving you much needed time and money.


Prentex will be glad to sit down with you to help design and build a clad pressure vessel that is suited to your needs.  We offer vessels made from a variety of materials and can manufacture clad vessels to any size or specification.