Double Wall Vessels

As manufacturers of cryogenics vessels, Prentex is able to offer its clients state-of-the-art building and production on all prefabricated and custom-designed tanks. As specialists in the field, Prentex personnel have broad backgrounds in the engineering of cryogenic storage tanks. Always following stringent ASME criteria, all Prentex products are built to exceed industry standards.

For high pressure cryogenic storage needs, a double walled tank is often recommended. Frequently used to store helium and hydrogen, double wall cryogenic vessels also make superior storage vessels for nitrogen, argon, liquid oxygen, and liquid natural gas. Preferring to work with stainless steel, as it is extremely durable, particularly against the brittleness and permeation of hydrogen, Prentexç—´ cryogenic systems are often quite light. Because of the double wall design, a vacuum insulation system can be established to help keep contents at the appropriate temperature. However, Prentex can also add extra insulation in order to help minimize heat leaks and vaporization of the tankç—´ contents.

Whether you are looking for transportation cryogenic tanks or stationary vessels, Prentex can provide you with the product your business needs.