High Pressure Cryogenic Vessels

With more than 55 years of experience, Prentex has become world leaders in the field of manufacturing and custom designing cryogenic tanks and vessels. With a wide range of cryogenic tanks on offer, Prentex is happy to alter or specially design a vessel to your exact specifications. And because Prentex always follows the standards set out by the ASME, Prentex only manufactures products that are of top quality.

High pressure vessels must always be built with safety in mind. Because cryogenic vessels often have a build up of high pressure gasses, it is imperative that appropriate precautions continually be taken in order to avoid any hazards. This includes ensuring all tanks have easy-to-read pressure release valves and rupture discs, as well as space within the tank for gas to accumulate. At Prentex, all of these safety issues are taken into account, as is the pressure imposed by the weight of the tank and its contents, in order to make the soundest cryogenic tank possible.

Prentex produces both vertical and horizontal storage and transportation cryogenic vessels, making them ideal for all industries.