High Vacuum Cryogenic Vessels

Prentex has been manufacturing high-quality cryogenic vessels for over 60 years. With a range of prefabricated models and parts, Prentex also excels at creating a cryogenic vessel to suit custom specifications. And Prentex has lots of experience when it comes to the most crucial aspect of cryogenic systems: vacuum insulation. Prentex’s high vacuum insulation will help to keep your vessel’s contents at the right temperature, and ensure that every job is a success.

The production of high vacuum is one of the most exacting areas of engineering today. Prentex�s personnel have a broad background in vacuum engineering and have created many specialized high vacuum systems to suit their client�s needs. When it comes to cryogenic tanks, manufacturing an efficient vacuum system is essential in order to keep gases in their liquid form. Vacuum insulation helps to maintain the low temperatures necessary to store various liquid gases. While vacuum insulation is extremely effective, insulating powers can be compromised if a vessel’s outer wall is punctured. However, Prentex offers additional forms of insulation to help protect your cryogenic tank against rapid heating should a puncture occur.

As leaders in the industry, Prentex adheres to the stringent guidelines set out by the ASME, making sure that all of its products exceed safety expectations. Prentex is happy to work with all clients in order to ensure that every product they manufacture is delivered to satisfaction.