Triple Wall Vessel

As leaders in the field of custom manufacturing cryogenic vessels, Prentex is able to engineer any type of cryogenic tank, no matter what your needs. Always following the stringent criteria set out by the ASME, all Prentex products exceed the industry standard for safety.

The most common design for cryogenic tanks is the double wall vessel, as it allows for vacuum insulation to help keep the tanks contents cool. Yet, for the storage and transportation of certain liquids, you want extra protection. In these instances, a triple wall cryogenic tank is ideal. The triple wall design allows for an extra layer of protection and vacuum insulation. This helps to ensure that, even if there is a puncture in the vessels surface, the contents of your tank will not be affected.

If you are looking for a solution to your storage and transportation of cryogenic materials dilemma, then look to Prentex to for your answer. Prentex has experience with customizing triple wall cryogenic vessels, having designed one in the past for the transportation of liquid fluorine, a highly reactive and dangerous liquid. At Prentex, you are guaranteed quality.

Case Example:

Type of Vessel: Jacketed Liquid Fluorine Vessel
Description: Double Wall Vessel
Int. Pressure: 1000 PSI
Ext. Pressure: 100 PSI
Max. Temperature: n/a
Min. Temperature: -320 F
Division: 1
Material: T-304 Staneless steel
Number of Walls: 3
Dimensions/Configuration: 6 ID
Weight: not specified
Wall Thickness: Sch 40 pipe
Insulation: pick uptables
Special Testing: Mass Spectrometer, Pneumatic, Hydrolic, Dye Penetrant, PT
Supports: Legs/Gussets
Usage: Research
Special or Unique Feature: Clean to oxy service, Double Wall Vessel for Cyogenic Service