Hydrogen Reformer

Case Example:

Type of Vessel: Research Reactor Vessel
Description: Reactor vessel
Int. Pressure: 20 PSI
Ext. Pressure: N/A
Max. Temperature: 1500 F
Min. Temperature: -20 F
Division 1 or 2: 1
Material: Alloy 800
Number of Walls: 1
Dimensions/Configuration: 24″ OD x 96
Weight: 1200T
Wall Thickness: 1/4″
Insulation: Yes
Internals / Externals: Yes
Special Testing: Hydro at 200 PSI
Supports: Lugs / Stand
Usage: Renewable Energy Research
Special or Unique Feature: Alloy 800 high temp vessel, Built two – one including heaters and controls

Article (Fuel Cell Magazine) in PDF Format – Hydrogen Reformer

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