Copper Alloy Vessels

Prentex wants to help you get each and every one of your jobs done efficiently and safely.   With the help of our range of copper alloy vessels, Prentex can offer you reliability, flexibility, and the best performance available on the market.   Prentex copper alloy pressure vessels are made to your design specifications, and thus can help fit the needs of any industry.   And, because we meet all ASME regulations, your safety is guaranteed.


Alloy pressure vessels are made out of a combination of metal materials.   Copper alloy vessels are mixed with tin, zinc, and nickel in order to provide superior performance and durability.   Copper is an especially useful material for building high pressure vessels because it offers strength and toughness, and can really stand the test of time.   Additionally, Prentex copper alloy vessels are corrosion resistant and antibacterial, ensuring that all of your materials stay safely stored.   Prentex copper alloy vessels work to dissipate heat well, promising temperature stability when in use.


All Prentex copper alloy high pressure vessels are made with your design specifications in mind.   Featuring automated control systems and safety valves, Prentex copper alloy vessels are easy and safe to use.  Competitively priced, Prentex copper alloy vessels are an excellent choice when it comes to getting the job done right!