Nickel Alloy Pressure Vessels


Prentex is proud to offer a range of nickel alloy pressure vessels to its customers.   Whatever your need, Prentex can manufacture and design a nickel alloy vessel to perform the job safely and efficiently.  Tough and resilient, these nickel alloy vessels meet stringent safety standards and manufacturing codes.


Alloy vessels are made out of a combination of metal materials.  Steel is a commonly-used alloy, particularly when it comes to building high and low pressure vessels.   However, nickel alloy is now being used increasingly in the area of cryogenic vessels.  Specifically, nickel alloy is used to manufacture dewars found in cryogenic vessels.  These nickel alloy dewars provide superior insulation and enhance the overall performance of all Prentex pressure vessels.
Nickel alloy vessels offer many benefits over traditional steel and iron-based pressure vessels.  Nickel alloy vessels offer tough resistance to rigorous environmental conditions, helping them to stand the test of time.  Nickel alloy vessels offer premium heat and corrosion resistance, and can therefore be used effectively to create a range of cryogenic vessels.  Nickel alloy vessels also provide electrical resistance and low expansion rates at all temperatures