Superpave Vessels

Prentex offers a wide range of customized solutions that can help meet the challenging needs of your industry. Our superpave vessels are designed with you in mind, and provide durability, efficiency, and resilience in a variety of demanding environments. In particular, Prentex’s pressure aging vessels and vacuum degassing ovens are recognized as being of the highest quality, meeting rigorous industry standards. Whatever your superpave needs, Prentex is here to meet them.

Prentex’s pressure aging vessels combine technology with quality craftsmanship. The PAV 9500 is designed to provide precision results in both an efficient and safe manner. Fully automated, the PAV 9500 provides superior aging of asphalt binder samples.  Controlled by the 9500 SC System Controller, Prentex’s design takes the guesswork out of the aging process. And because the PAV 9500 is made out of 100% stainless steel, it’s corrosion resistant and easily maintained. Designed to be small in size, the PAV 9500 fits into almost any workspace, while meeting all AASHTO and ASTM requirements.

Prentex’s vacuum degassing ovens are of similar quality and standards. The VDO 9900 is made out of durable stainless steel and features the industry’s only, fully-integrated, vacuum source. Available with automatic, two-stage timing, the VDO 9900 is easy to operate and manipulate. Equipped with a glass viewing panel and end-of-cycle alarm, the VDO 9900 is perfect for all types of users. Designed with size in mind, the VDO 9900 is space-saving and forms an integral part of any industry.

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