Ready-to-Order Products

Prentex offers a variety of unique products designed to help you meet the needs of today’s challenging industries. Whatever your goal, we have a product that will help you get the job done easily and efficiently. Prentex products are up-to-date and meet all standards and requirements. All our products are designed to be rugged and durable, so they will stand the test of time.

Prentex offers products that will help you get your job done safely and precisely, saving you time and money. We have made a name for ourselves by creating new technologies that help businesses and industries remain competitive. We also offer custom solutions for all problems. Whether your needs are big or small, Prentex is here to find the solution for you.


Pressure Aging Vessels (PAV 9500)

Vacuum Degassing Ovens (VDO)

Online Parts Catalog for PAV and VDO owners (coming soon)

Pre-Designed Storage Vessels: Horizontal & Vertical