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(A short story, most of which is fabrication.)

For nearly 70 years, Prentex has thrived on providing superior technical service which results in superior quality products.

Experience is our true value.

Start with the experienced manufacturer that has produced hundreds of different types of vessels, not just 100 of one or two vessel types. Can your operation afford the inexperienced producer that is still finding their way into pressure vessel production? A producer that bids lowest just to get the job, then presents the ‘oops’ expense later, making it expensive to stay and even more expensive to go?

The SOLUTION for quality production in the United States is to hire one of the most experienced manufacturers in the country:


We are absolutely the ‘best value‘ when applying the ‘experience’ factor…dozens of times over the last 65+ years we’ve heard ‘not the lowest bidder‘ only to get a call back asking us to help them out of trouble caused by their inexperienced ‘lowest bidder‘….or asking us to bid on repair of the vessel they bought from an office front in the USA, but the product was actually produced and shipped from outside our country…….Prentex only produces in Texas – Made in America truly applies as we do NOT ship vessels in from Mexico or overseas….Texans producing in Texas!

Founded in 1950 as Production Enterprises of Texas, Inc., Prentex is still run by the same Texas family that grew the company to be a leading resource in the field of Custom Pressure Vessel fabrication.

Prentex works with your requirements & ASME Code to build a vessel that will out perform your expectations. Prentex pressure vessels can be found all over the world, and excel in all types of applications. From aerospace to petrochemical….from off-shore drilling platforms, food processing facilities and manufacturing plants, Prentex has done it all…even a one-man submarine!

Prentex has also been an important part of American’s space exploration. Since the 1950’s, Prentex has supplied NASA and its aerospace contractors with custom vessels for research and development as well as rocket test sites. There is no space flight without pressure vessels!

Prentex has designed produced numerous custom vessels for cryogenic service as our founding Chairman was a Charter Member of the Cryogenic Society of America, Inc.

(LOX, LH1, LN2, LNG, Helium, Xenon, etc.)

Prentex specializes in double-wall dewars with vacuum insulation and triple wall vessels for special applications.

Prentex played a vital role in the development of semi-conductors, helping to design and implement the equipment necessary to produce these electrical components now considered so standard.

Every Prentex vessel is individually designed to meet customer specifications with ASME safety compliance incorporated to ensure a quality and safe investment.

Prentex has long been a popular choice for those in the market for a custom pressure vessel. Prentex vessels operate from high to low vacuum, no/low to high pressures over 10,000psi (680 bar). Temperature is no challenge as Prentex vessels can be specified at temps from -452ºF to 2000ºF (1092ºC).

Prentex customers have a wide range of material selection: Stainless steel, Carbon steel, Aluminum, Copper, Nickel alloys, Hastelloy, Inconel, 6 Moly, etc. — Just ASK!

Prentex provides top quality pressure vessels meeting the most challenging of welding talent — from 6″ length to 110′ long, Prentex can produce it we can get it out of the building!

In the July issue of Texas Industry, 1970: 

Prentex. (A short story, most of which is fabrication.)

Prentex. (A short story, most of which is fabrication.)
Coffee percolators, processing towers, nitroglycerin tanks, and cryogenic vessels, vacuum degassing ovens, pressure aging vessels. Little in common? Lots! They are all pressure vessels, all made of stainless steel and all require the attention of an experienced alloy fabricator.
Prentex has been engaged for the fabrication of vacuum insulated cryogenic vessels for service at -320* F for the fabrication of non-sparking tanks for in-plant transportation of nitroglycerin.
A 4.5″ thick sphere for 5000 psi is not uncommon.
Complicated high pressure piping.
A 40′ long vacuum chamber complete with high vacuum pumping system, instrumentation and helium mass-spectrometer leak checked is within the capabilities.
Most fabricators build processing towers, Prentex makes them of stainless steel.
Handling equipment for missile fuels and oxidizers requires special attention.

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