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Liquid Hydrogen Run Tank

A 180-gallon liquid hydrogen tank for the Aerospace Industry. This dewar is designed for -423 degrees Fahrenheit at 6100 PSIG.

This picture shows the vessel at the beginning of a boil-off test. Liquid Nitrogen is being pumped into the inner vessel. At this early stage, the liquid nitrogen is vaporizing very rapidly while cooling the four-inch-thick wall of the dewar's inner vessel from ambient temperature to -350 degrees Fahrenheit. Note the blue exhaust.
The inner vessel temperature has dropped, and the rate of vaporization has dropped with it. An eerie cloud of vapor descends on the vessel and surrounding floor.
The inner vessel is getting close to equalization with the liquid Nitrogen. The eerie cloud slowly dissipates.
The completed vessel loaded for shipment to customer's West Coast testing facility.
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