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LN storage
Type of Vessel: Liquid Nitrogen Dewar
Description: 25,000 Gel
Max. Pressure: 50 PSI
Min. Pressure: n/a
Max. Temperature: 100 F
Min. Temperature: -322 F
Division 1 or 2: 1
Material: T-304 Staneless steel Inner Vessel 516 to Carbon Steel outer Vessel
Number of Walls: 2
Dimensions/Configuration: 25,000 Gallons
Weight: not specified
Wall Thickness: 1/4" Inner Vessel
Insulation: Vaccum Jacket with Perlit Insulation
Internals / Externals: Serpentine piping with vein jumps
Special Testing: Hydrolic test, Pneumatic, Mass Spectrometer
Supports: Saddles
Usage: Storage of Liquid Nitrogen
Special or Unique: Manway to inner vessel

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