Since 1950, Prentex Alloy Fabricators have been custom designing and manufacturing steel, stainless steel, and non-ferrous alloy pressure vessels and tanks adhering to ASME code specifications for section VIII (8), Div 1 (U) & (R) and Div 2, Class 1.

With more than 70 years of experience, Prentex has become world leaders in the field of manufacturing and custom designing cryogenic tanks and vessels. With a wide range of cryogenic tanks on offer, Prentex is happy to alter or specially design a vessel to your exact specifications. And because Prentex always follows the standards set out by the ASME, Prentex only manufactures products that are of top quality.

High pressure vessels must always be built with safety in mind. Because cryogenic vessels often have a build up of high pressure gasses, it is imperative that appropriate precautions continually be taken in order to avoid any hazards. This includes ensuring all tanks have easy-to-read pressure release valves and rupture discs, as well as space within the tank for gas to accumulate. At Prentex, all of these safety issues are taken into account, as is the pressure imposed by the weight of the tank and its contents, in order to make the soundest cryogenic tank possible.

Prentex produces both vertical and horizontal storage and transportation cryogenic vessels, making them ideal for all industries.

Custom LH2 Run Tank Designed and Manufactured to 10,000psi
10,000psi Run Tank for Liquid Hydrogen (LH2)

Prentex has developed a particular specialty in High Pressure Cryogenic Run Tanks. Recent cryogens includes Liquid Hydrogen (LH2), Liquid Oxygen (LOX), and Liquid Nitrogen (LN2 or LiN), taking temperatures down to negative 425 degrees Fahrenheit (-425F/-253.9C/19.26K). Recent Maximum Allowable Working Pressures (MAWP) produced up to 10,000 psi (689 Bars/680 ATM). Volumes produced range from just a few gallons to 85,000 gallons.

Prentex has a multitude of experience when it comes to designing and manufacturing cryogenic vessels. Whatever your needs, Prentex can build a cryogenic vessel that will perform efficiently and safely. Prentex vessels are made out of the highest quality materials and provide superior insulation and pressurizing capabilities. Each of Prentex cryogenic vessels meet the rigid safety standards presented by the ASME. With a variety of standard and custom features available, Prentex cryogenic vessels are among the best in the business.

Prentex prides itself on offering a range of quality features in all of its cryogenic vessels. All cryogenic vessels feature automated pressure-building circuitry and standard safety and control equipment. Cryogenic vessels are built with liquid level indicators so you know exactly how much is stored inside your vessel while vacuum and pressure gauges provide constant monitoring of conditions. Release valves and other safety equipment help to ensure that all Prentex cryogenic vessels operate in accordance with safety standards. Prentex can manufacture both horizontal and vertical cryogenic tanks to meet the needs of all workplaces.

900psi 35,000 gallon LOX Run Tank
900psi 35,000 gallon LOX Run Tank

Our typical cryogenic vessels are tanks designed to store materials at temperatures below -150 degrees Fahrenheit. They can be used to safely store a variety of products, including oxygen, argon, nitrogen, helium, and natural gas. Prentex offers a number of different cryogenic pressure vessels made out of quality stainless steel or carbon shells. These cryogenic vessels can be made with single, double, or triple wall dewars to provide the best insulation for your specific requirements. Available in low and high pressure models, Prentex cryogenic vessels are easy to operate and can be built to almost any capacity.

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