Custom ASME Pressure Vessels

As a pressure vessel manufacturer with 70+ years of experience, Prentex Alloy Fabricators serves customers in a wide range of challenging & critical industries.

Cryogenic Pressure Vessels

As an experienced cryogenic equipment manufacturer, Prentex provides a variety of standard and custom cryogenic equipment designs.

PAF Lab Equipment

Since 1993, Prentex has designed and manufactured the Model 9500 PAV (Pressure Aging Vessel) systems, now with digital electronic temperature and pressure control, for customers worldwide. Our Model 9900 VDO (Vacuum Degassing Oven) will assist you in degassing binder materials that have been PAV-aged.


Custom Cryogenic Pressure Vessels

Prentex vessels are made out of the highest quality materials and provide superior insulation and pressurizing capabilities. And each of Prentex cryogenic vessels meets the rigid safety standards presented by the ASME.

Custom Alloy Pressure Vessels

Prentex has been designing and manufacturing various custom vessel solutions since 1950. Custom stainless steel pressure vessels are what we do. As a highly experienced manufacturer, we can quote your custom and standard vessel requirements. All products are efficient, safe, and customized to particular circumstances and conditions for the highest performance. 

Model 9500 Pressure Aging Vessel

Prentex Alloy Fabricators is the original manufacturer of the Pressure Aging Vessel, then known as the Model 9300. The ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) wrote their process and standards document using our machine.

Model 9900 Vacuum Degassing Oven

Our vacuum degassing oven is of the highest quality, made out of a rugged stainless steel. Featuring a built-in vacuum source and glass viewing panel, the Prentex vacuum degassing oven is easy to use and maintain. Additionally, our VDOs are manufactured to be both space saving and energy efficient, helping you get the best value for your investment.

Our full suite of services includes: