Prentex Alloy Fabricators – Innovative Among Cryogenic Vessel Manufacturers

Get your high pressure cryogenic vessels or tanks manufactured by one of the top cryogenic vessel manufacturers and industry specialists, Prentex Alloy Fabricators.

Cryogenic Fluid Storage Vessels

Cryogenic vessels are tanks designed to store materials at temperatures below -150° Fahrenheit. They include liquid hydrogen storage dewars (LH2 Dewars). The storage tanks for chemicals can be used to safely store a variety of other products, including oxygen, argon, nitrogen, helium, and natural gas.

Prentex has a multitude of experience when it comes to designing and manufacturing cryogenic equipmentliquid oxygen storage tanks, custom cryogenic vessels, etc. Whatever your needs, our cryogenic equipment manufacturers can build a cryogenic vessel that will perform efficiently and safely.

900psi 35,000 gallon LOX Run Tank

High Standards Storage Tanks for Chemicals – Best Solutions for Liquid Hydrogen Storage

Prentex vessels are made out of the highest quality materials and provide superior insulation and pressurizing capabilities. And each of Prentex cryogenic vessels meets the rigid safety standards presented by the ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers). 

With a variety of standard and custom cryogenic vessel designs available, Prentex vessels are among the best value in the cryogenic equipment market.


Cryogenic Vessel Storage Parameters

Prentex can manufacture vertical, horizontal, and spherical cryogenic fluid storage vessels. These cryogenic vessels can be made as single, double, or triple wall (dewars) to provide the best insulation for your specific requirements. Available in pressures from 15psi to 10,000psi, and more, Prentex cryogenic vessels are easy to operate and can be built to capacities from just a few Liters to 100,000 gallons.


Best Quality and Capabilities by Renowned Cryogenic Vessel Manufacturers

Prentex prides itself on offering a range of customizable features in all of its cryogenic vessels, enhancing cryogenic vessel storage performance.

Cryogenic vessels can be built with options including level indicators, vacuum and pressure gauges, release valves and other safety equipment to help ensure that all Prentex cryogenic vessels operate in accordance with safety standards.