Double Wall Pressure Vessels – Prentex Alloy Fabricators

Used where containment is a priority for high temperature and low temperature applications, double wall pressure vessels by Prentex Alloy Fabricators are manufactured in consideration of our customer’s unique requirements. 

Double walled, or jacketed, vessels can be used to contain insulation, vacuum, or pressure. Both internal and external vessels can be constructed to ASME Code standards.


Double Wall Pressure Vessel for Cryogenic Tanks

As manufacturers of cryogenic vessels, Prentex is able to offer its clients state-of-the-art building and production of custom-designed tanks. Always following stringent ASME criteria, all Prentex products are built to meet or exceed industry standards.

For high pressure cryogenic storage needs, a double wall pressure vessel is often recommended. Frequently used to store cryogens such as liquid helium (LHe) and liquid hydrogen (LH2), cryogenic double wall vessel designs also make superior storage tanks for liquid nitrogen (LN2 or LiN), liquid argon (LAr), liquid oxygen (LOX), and liquid natural gas (LNG). 


Details of Double Wall Vessel Design

Preferring to work with stainless steel, as it is extremely durable, particularly against the brittleness and permeation of hydrogen, Prentex cryogenic systems are often relatively light. Because of the double wall vessel design, vacuum insulated vessels can be established to help keep contents at the appropriate temperature. However, Prentex can also add extra insulation in order to help minimize heat leaks and vaporization of the tank contents.


ASME Code Vacuum Vessels and Other Insulation Options

The vacuum vessel design has the vacuum between the inner shell tank and outer jacket of the vessel preventing the transfer of heat.

Some other effective ways of insulation of pressure vessels include perlite, foam, fiberglass batting, glass, lampblack, silica aerogel, composite coatings, and even wood. As custom manufacturers, Prentex can build the tank with the insulation that best suits your needs.