Pressure Aging Vessels and Vacuum Degassing Ovens from Prentex Alloy Fabricators

Prentex Alloy Fabricators Inc takes the hassle out of running and documenting asphalt binder aging operations with our top-quality Model 9500 Pressure Aging Vessels and the Model 9900 Prentex Vacuum Degassing Oven.


What Is the Pressure Aging Vessel, Prentex?   

The Pressure Aging Vessel (PAV) is an aging procedure proposed by the Strategic Highway Research Project (SHRP). It simulates long-term field oxidative aging of asphalt binders based on factors affecting the real aging process outcome (rheological changes) such as film thickness, time, and other aspects. In the simulation, asphalt binders are exposed to heat and pressure so that the PAV can successfully mimic rheological changes that result from field aging.

Since 1993, Prentex has designed and manufactured the standard PAV system, available with digital electronic temperature and pressure control, for customers worldwide.


Prentex – Renowned Pioneer Manufacturer of the Pressure Aging Vessel 

Prentex Alloy Fabricators is the original manufacturer of the Pressure Aging Vessel, then known as the Model 9300. The ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) wrote their process and standards document using our machine.

An additional piece of equipment often utilized along with the PAV is known as a Vacuum Degassing Oven, or VDO.

Prentex Vacuum Degassing Oven

Prentex is known for its quality products and services and our vacuum degassing ovens are no exception, designed to provide superior performance. The VDO will assist you in degassing binder materials that have been PAV-aged. This product will ensure that your binder samples are in the best possible condition.

Our vacuum degassing oven is of the highest quality, made out of a rugged stainless steel. Featuring a built-in vacuum source and glass viewing panel, the Prentex vacuum degassing oven is easy to use and maintain. Additionally, our VDOs are manufactured to be both space saving and energy efficient, helping you get the best value for your investment.

Please, reach out to our team for a quote on a new Model 9500 PAV and Model 9900 VDO.