Vacuum Vessels

Prentex offers a wide range of high vacuum vessels that can meet the needs of any professional industry.   Whatever your job, whether big or small, Prentex can help by offering you a quality vacuum vessel that satisfies all safety standards.  And because our high vacuum vessels are made with the best materials possible, these systems can operate in even the most taxing of environments.

Prentex’s high vacuum systems are designed to maintain a high or ultra high vacuum environment that will assist you in getting your job done properly.   Made from quality stainless steel, all of our pre-fabricated and custom systems offer a number of features that ensure safety and efficiency at all times.  Each of our high vacuum systems c ontain automated controls to allow easy and safe operating of the vacuum pumping system.   They also contain a separator which eliminates all oil fumes that are released in the vacuum pump exhaust.   An automated vacuum lock allows conveyer belt techniques to be incorporated easily into each high vacuum system.

Prentex has had years of experience designing and manufacturing a range of high vacuum vessels.  We have created vacuum components and full vacuum systems to be used in manufacturing, processing, and research applications.   Our high vacuum vessels have been used in many diverse fields, and Prentex has produced a number of tailor-made systems, including altitude simulation facilities for medical research and high vacuum systems for instrument calibration.   Our experienced team will be glad to sit down with you to design and produce the best high vacuum system for your needs.